Top 5 things you’ll learn at the two-day Intro to Permaculture in Action class — Nov 3 & 4

When you participate in a Permaculture in Action class you walk away with a ton of rich experience and new skills for creating thriving permaculture systems plus a deeper understanding of whole systems theory and practice.

Our annual Intro to Permaculture in Action class is happening again this autumn and this time we’ve expanded it to 2 days!

Click here to download the flyer

Zev and Dylan will be teaching from a completed permaculture master plan that includes ponds, integrated chickens and ducks, mushroom culture and diverse rainwater collection systems.

Here are the top 5 things (plus two bonuses) you’ll learn about when you join us:

1.  Blueberry guilds. (In Permaculture a “guild” is a group of plants–and sometimes animals–that work together to make the whole system thrive).

2. Small scale forest gardens in an urban setting.

3. Native medicinal plant guilds.

4. Strategies for erosion prevention (crucial in our mountains.)

5. Building and improving soil (we’re passionate about soil in permaculture!)

Bonus #1 — You’ll also have a fantastic time expanding our community of permaculture enthusiasts here in the Asheville and western NC.

Bonus #2 — You’ll be excited about the possibilities for creating resiliency and beauty on your own land and in our community!

The cost for all of this is only $48 for both days!

To register or for more information , contact us:, or call Dylan at (828) 772-8509.You can also learn more about the Permaculture In Action model by visiting  the Permaculture in Action Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @permacultureavl.



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