The Permaculture in Action model (or how we can offer such high quality training at such an affordable price!)

Permaculture in Action developed in response to a demand for affordable, in-depth, hands-on permaculture education.

We also hoped that this class would help scale up the Transition Town movement in our region and elsewhere, and that it would deepen and broaden the impact of permaculture on cultural and ecological regeneration in general in these times that so desperately call for it.

Through a business model that relies on monetary inputs from Landowner-Clients as well as students, we created a truly win-win structure that installs high quality elements of permaculture systems for 25-35% of the cost of landscape contractor installation, and delivers a 10-day class, normally priced in the $1,000 range, for $300-400.

After the great success of the first ever 10-day Permaculture in Action class April through July 2012, we are excited to announce that we’re keeping the momentum and learning going!

Two Short Classes this Fall

–  for folks who want to get their feet wet (and returning participants who just can’t seem to get enough!)

1-day “Introduction to Permaculture in Action” class: Sunday, September 23, Asheville, NC, $40

2- day “Permaculture in Action, A Taste” : Saturday and Sunday, November 3 and 4, Asheville, NC $48

Very Affordable Permaculture Design Series Course (PDC) and Permaculture Series

Meets (Almost) Every Thursday Evening, September 13th, 2012 through Late-March 2013

$300 pre-registration, or Pay-As-You-Go Option: $15-$30 per class day!

Permaculture in Action Roots and Seeds Program
14-Day Full Growing Season Program, April through October 2013, $350 early registration

For more information and to register, contact, or call Dylan at (828) 772-8509.You can also learn more about the Permaculture In Action model by visiting  the Permaculture in Action Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @permacultureavl.

We are honored and thrilled to offer our community a variety of opportunities for co-creating a regenerative human culture.  Thanks so much for your interest and support.

For life, and in vision,

Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton



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