Permaculture in Action!

Watch this fantastic video, produced by GeoCore Films to see Permaculture in Action 2012…in ACTION!

Hear Zev Friedman describe Permaculture in Action model and property owners, Michelle Smith and Chas Jansen, describe the satisfaction and unexpected benefits they experienced..  Watch participants transform ordinary urban spaces into thriving, productive systems.


After the great success of the first ever 10-day Permaculture in Action class in Spring 2012,

we are excited to announce that we’re keeping the momentum and learning going with even more ways to experience affordable,  hands-on training with top teachers in the Asheville area!

Permaculture in Action Roots and Seeds Program

14-Day Full Growing Season Program, May through October 2013,
$350 early registration, $425 after that.

In addition to replicating the many successful elements of the experimental Spring 2012 class, we’re taking the extensive feedback from our students and landowners to heart and adding even more richness and depth to the program.

This time, the class will be 14 days instead of 10 days, and this time it will span the entire growing season, from April through October, with about 1 weekend of class per month, so that we can engage in a larger variety of seasonably appropriate projects and so we can see the maturing results of our work throughout the class. In adding 4 days to the class, we’re only increasing the tuition by $60 from last year.

The increased length of the class also enables a larger variety of physical projects such as rainwater cisterns, duck runs, rocket stoves, all kinds of mushroom cultivation, community garden work, earthen building, passive solar design, biogas digestion, different composting strategies and forest gardening.

This class is not a Permaculture Design Certification class. However, it is an excellent complement to a PDC (see Very Affordable PDC item above), and in addition this class will prepare particularly motivated students as candidates for Permaculture in Action apprenticeships after the PIA is over, should they be interested.

For more information and to register, contact us:, or call Michelle at (828) 230-3845.

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We are honored and thrilled to offer our community a variety of opportunities for sprouting a regenerative human culture. Thanks so much for your interest and support.

For life, and in vision,

Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton


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