Learn about Forest Gardening, hands-on with Zev Friedman, Oct. 12, 2012

It’s almost time for phase 2 of the garden planting at the Marshall Library Demonstration Forest Garden !  
Registration is open!  

In a single, affordable, action-packed day, Zev is back and is offering participants another chance to learn background information about Permaculture and Forest Agriculture, and to participate in planting more edible trees and shrubs.

Local permaculture and forest garden enthusiasts may recall that earlier this year, Zev collaborated with the Town of Marshall and Friends of the Library to design and install a mid-size Demonstration Forest Garden on the property of the Marshall Library.

The design was unveiled and the first phase of installation was completed during a 2-day class with about 15 students. Core concepts of permaculture and forest agriculture were presented, and the students helped with an amazing transformation of a briar thicket into an accessible and beautiful forest garden.

Now, edible trees, shrubs, herbs and even mushrooms are inter-planted in a mostly native habitat that decreases erosion and helps uses stormwater runoff from the library building site for irrigation.

In phase 2, on Oct. 12, participants will again receive affordable, high-value training  as well as hands-on experience.

About half of the 6 hour day will be spent in classroom style learning presentation so you can take notes, ask focused questions and hear insight from other participants.  The other half of the time will be spent in the garden,  tweaking micro-design details and observing the kinds of up-keep that forest gardens appreciate as we learn from the past 4 months of experience on the site.

Come join us for this fun day full of exciting learning in the beautiful fall Madison County weather!

Hands-On Autumnal Forest Gardening Class at the Marshall Library

Friday, October 12, Marshall Library, 9-4:00

Cost: $25

To register you can contact Zev through our contact page or at zev@livingsystemsdesigns.net or by calling 828-279-2870


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