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Watch this video. Zev and Dylan talk about the Nov. 3 & 4 Intro to Permaculture in Action

I pulled Zev and Dylan away from their PDC students’ work day to talk about the two-day Intro to Permaculture in Action class coming up Nov. 3 and 4, 2012.   Watch the video and then join us! For more information and to register, contact, or call Dylan at (828) 772-8509.You can also learn […]

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Amazing response to the Very Affordable Permaculture Design Course Series

We have been incredibly humbled and amazed by the response to our Very Affordable Permaculture Design Course and Series!  We had people calling to join up to the very last minute! Here’s a shot of our opening circle, which we held in a small piece of green space just across the street from Small Terrain […]

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Read what participants had to say about Permaculture in Action 2012

I can read your mind… Whether you’re new to permaculture and ready to get your feet wet or you’re a returning participant and just can’t get enough — you’ve been thinking about participating in a Permaculture in Action class this fall.   To help you make up your mind…   Check out what the 2012 […]

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Bill Mollison video series now FREE online!

  “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” –Bill Mollison Bill Mollison’s life’s work has truly been a world changer. NetWorks Productions is introducing for the first time on-line a series of lectures that are documents of two Permaculture Design Courses taught by Bill Mollison at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in […]

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This is why we created Permaculture in Action…

It’s wild blueberry season in the high mountain balds now, when my family has a tradition of journeying up to Shining Rock Wilderness to camp out for a week, live slow and sweet as we tell stories and cook meals, and gather blueberries in the midst of the misty quartzite mountains. At this time, we […]

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The Permaculture in Action model (or how we can offer such high quality training at such an affordable price!)

Permaculture in Action developed in response to a demand for affordable, in-depth, hands-on permaculture education. We also hoped that this class would help scale up the Transition Town movement in our region and elsewhere, and that it would deepen and broaden the impact of permaculture on cultural and ecological regeneration in general in these times […]

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Lucky winner of the surprise scholarship by UUC of Asheville Social Justice Council

Stephanie Crawford-Wilson, founder and director of Casa dei Bambini Bi-lingual Village School in West Asheville, got a big surprise when her name was chosen in the drawing for a surprise scholarship to Permaculture In Action 2012 granted by Social Justice Council of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville. Stephanie had accompanied me to the SJC screening of […]

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Permaculture training…and so much more

I just received the link to a document called Permaculture in Action Big Picture Ideas where Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton articulated not only their teaching goals for this class but also their vision for the greater good they intend from Permaculture in Action 2012.     In case you just heard, Zev and Dylan are […]

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Workshop reveals real forest-related business opportunities in WNC region

Living Systems Design, Warren Wilson College and Matthew Raker of Advantage West have partnered to develop the cutting-edge curriculum for:  The Forest Economy: Growing Bioregional Business Niches: Saturday, February 18, 8:30-5:00 at Warren Wilson College This 1-day class outlines some of the most promising opportunities as identified by regional leaders; it also introduces participants to some […]

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Questions about Permaculture in Action? Join Zev and Dylan on a conference call!

We are already having a great response for Permaculture in Action 2012. People are super excited about 10 days of hands-on permaculture training with top teachers that results in more permaculture installations on the ground in our area. Several of you have had questions about the course — not surprising since this is unique and […]

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    “For several years, we have worked with Zev as the lead permaculture consultant on our 30 acre property in Madison County. He has been a guide and instructor, designer, project manager, work crew leader, and friend, helping us through many adventures with their inevitable expected and unexpected outcomes.”
    Don Silver, Meadow Fork, NC