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Workshop reveals real forest-related business opportunities in WNC region

Living Systems Design, Warren Wilson College and Matthew Raker of Advantage West have partnered to develop the cutting-edge curriculum for:  The Forest Economy: Growing Bioregional Business Niches: Saturday, February 18, 8:30-5:00 at Warren Wilson College This 1-day class outlines some of the most promising opportunities as identified by regional leaders; it also introduces participants to some […]

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Linking Waters Project


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Real Life Forest Gardening

Real Life Forest Gardening Organic Growers’s School, 2011 Zev Friedman A Southern Appalachian Forest Gardener’s Year All Year: Harvest pigeons Harvest rabbits Harvest duck eggs Stick mulch Swale maintenance Harvest chaga mushroom sclerotium Soak shiitake logs during warm spells for fruitings as needed (then put in root cellar or basement until fruiting is complete) January […]

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It’s Good to Grow Mushrooms

Zev Friedman dishes the dirt on myco-forestry and explains why it’s a great idea. Myco-forestry is the cultivation of fungi as part of forest agriculture. People mean different things when they use the term “forest agriculture.” My intended meaning is closest to that of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, the founders of permaculture. In the […]

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A Speculative Myco-restorative Palette For The Southern Blue Ridge Province

Compiled by Zev Friedman with input from Alan Muskat Fall 2008 This simple working list provides plenty of experimental fodder for all of us for at least 5 or 7 human lifetimes. However, it’s nowhere close to complete. The next step is for all of us to take it and start experimenting with it, adding […]

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