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Permaculture in Action two-day class features forest gardens and soil improvements

This fall our two-day course, “Permaculture in Action, a Taste”  will feature hands-on affordable training in two topics that appear to be steadily gaining interest among permaculture enthusiasts:  forest gardening and soil improvement.       These shorter classes follow a similar format to our  Full Season Roots and Seeds class in 2013  with about […]

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Learn about Forest Gardening, hands-on with Zev Friedman, Oct. 12, 2012

It’s almost time for phase 2 of the garden planting at the Marshall Library Demonstration Forest Garden !   Registration is open!   In a single, affordable, action-packed day, Zev is back and is offering participants another chance to learn background information about Permaculture and Forest Agriculture, and to participate in planting more edible trees […]

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Protected: Southern Appalachian Forest Gardener’s Year

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Workshop reveals real forest-related business opportunities in WNC region

Living Systems Design, Warren Wilson College and Matthew Raker of Advantage West have partnered to develop the cutting-edge curriculum for:  The Forest Economy: Growing Bioregional Business Niches: Saturday, February 18, 8:30-5:00 at Warren Wilson College This 1-day class outlines some of the most promising opportunities as identified by regional leaders; it also introduces participants to some […]

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Zev Friedman interview covers permaculture, imagination, forest cuisine and more!


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Linking Waters Project


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300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam


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Pruning trees into bushes


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Real Life Forest Gardening

Real Life Forest Gardening Organic Growers’s School, 2011 Zev Friedman A Southern Appalachian Forest Gardener’s Year All Year: Harvest pigeons Harvest rabbits Harvest duck eggs Stick mulch Swale maintenance Harvest chaga mushroom sclerotium Soak shiitake logs during warm spells for fruitings as needed (then put in root cellar or basement until fruiting is complete) January […]

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The Forest Cuisine Project

The Forest Cuisine Project True Nature Country Fair: September 20, 2010 Presenter and author: Zev Friedman, Living Systems Design A. Project Summary The Forest Cuisine Project is helping to develop a unique regional cuisine for the southern Appalachians. This cuisine is informed by a historical understanding of the foods that the indigenous peoples ate, and […]

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