Announcing: Earthaven Permaculture Design Course (PDC) by Permaculture in Action

Patricia Allison, Dylan Ryals-Hamilton and Zev Friedman will co-lead a Permaculture Design Certification class this winter at Earthhaven EcoVillage beginning January 9, 2013.

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New Format, accessible to folks outside the immediate Asheville area

Since we love this stuff and we’re always trying to make it better, we have created yet a new format which we hope will be accessible to most people within a 5 hour drive of Earthaven Ecovillage (near Asheville).   This new format adds a full 2 days to our typical 14 day PDC’s (making it 16 days total).  We’ll be using this extra time in the spirit of Permaculture in Action to complete some exciting permaculture work projects at Earthaven and to take tours of successful existing permaculture sites.

As PDC student you’ll be joining a worldwide community of several million people who have gone through the same core curriculum around a diverse body of topics: from “forest agriculture” to “passive solar building” to “ponds and aquaculture” to “designing for economic yield”, “creating intentional communities” and “urban permaculture”.   The immersion in this ocean of structured new ideas creates what is often a life-changing experience, leaving you with a newfound sense of possibility, a deeper “whole systems” way of thinking about sustainable land use and life in general, and a new group of committed, intelligent, fun-loving friends and collaborators.

Add to this formula the fact that most of the class will be happening in the heart of Earthaven EcoVillage!  There will be guest teachers to jazz things up, and the tuition includes the cost of delicious organic meals the whole time!

Earthavensign Earthaven-ecovillage

Class Dates

The format consists of three 4-day class sections (Thursday through Sunday), one 3-day class section (Friday through Sunday), and one 1-day site walk and design brainstorm which will be scheduled with each design group and an instructor once the class begins.  The dates are:

  • Thursday, January 9 –> Sunday, January 12
  • Thursday, January 23–> Sunday, January 26
  • Thursday, February 13 –> Sunday, February 16
  • Friday, March 14 –>Sunday, March 16
  • Snow date weekend:  Feb. 27-March 2

Cost is on a Sliding Scale:

Please believe us, we always do our absolute best to make classes affordable.  We are all doing this work because we believe in it and want to get you involved and make a life-giving difference in the world.   So if you can possibly pay higher than the bottom on the sliding scale, we are so thankful!   This cost includes 38 meals (Thursday lunch through Sunday lunch)

“Bring-a-friend” discount: and get a $75 discount off your tuition.

  • Early registration (November 6-December 10)  $900-1200
  • After December 10 $1,000-1,300


We are offering a limited number of partial work-trade positions. Work-traders will need to have independent transportation and time available from November through December to put up fliers and do other class preparation work, as well as time in between class sessions to help on class prep work and physical site work.  Please respond to our registrar, Michelle Smith at to learn more about work-trade opportunities


We are accepting scholarship donations which we will track and offer to people who truly cannot afford to pay for the entire tuition. If you want to help someone without lots of money to get more involved in empowering themselves through permaculture, please contact us about contributing to the scholarship fund..


Registration is open immediately. Please sign up right away to reserve your spot (there are 30 total spots). We need 20 full-paying students to make the class run, so the sooner you sign up and get your friends in, the sooner we know the class is happening. Email Michelle Smith at for additional details and to register.


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