2012 Apprenticeship

“Permaculture in Action” Apprenticeship Program

1-year Permaculture and Living Skills Apprenticeship in Asheville, NC

We have begun the 2012/2013 Apprenticeship Program as of October 4, 2012, and it will continue through October 2013. If you are interested in apprenticing with us in the future, please go ahead and contact us, as there might be unexpected openings throughout the year, and so we have you on our list when we put out the call for 2013/2014 apprentices. Thanks for your interest and for your work helping to keep life living in a beautiful way!

Zev Friedman (Living Systems Design,www.livingsystemsdesign.net, Permaculture in Action) and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton (Transition Asheville, Permaculture in Action) periodically open up the application process for  their Permaculture in Action apprenticeship program. These exciting positions will immerse participants in hands-on permaculture, and allow them to acquire diverse skills and to be exposed to a variety of teachers and learning situations, as well as to experience the full cycle of a year of urban land-based living. Applicants who have completed a Permaculture Design Certification course are favored; however, if you haven’t completed a PDC and you are otherwise a very promising candidate, there will be an option to do extra work and pay a reasonable fee to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate during the apprenticeship.

Zev is a leading permaculture practitioner, designer, researcher and teacher living in western North Carolina. He specializes in forest agriculture, myco-forestry, and the marrying of ancestral hand skills with whole systems thinking, and he has been very active as a consultant and work manager in neighborhood and community scale projects in Asheville, NC, where he lives.

Apprentices will need to live within a 10 minute drive of Asheville, NC, and ideally will live in north Asheville near UNC-Asheville. The apprenticeships will require 18 hours/week commitment, allowing apprentices to work elsewhere for income. Room and board are not provided. There is no cost or pay involved for the apprenticeship positions, although all apprentices are required to enroll in the 10-day Permaculture in Action class offered by Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton in spring and summer of 2012 (early registration cost $275).

Apprentice activities include but are not limited to: creative research projects, shadowing Zev in permaculture consultation and design jobs, plant propagation, permaculture installation work, support for teaching events, harvesting and processing of craft materials and wild foods and medicines, photo-documentation, event co-ordination, curriculum development, and international activism. All of these activities contribute to an end goal of helping apprentices to identify their own passions, strengths and weaknesses and to select potential economic niches for themselves after the apprenticeship is complete.

To apply and for more information, please contact Zev directly: zev(at)livingsystemsdesign.net.

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