Living Systems Design is a Permaculture and whole systems design, planning and educational training group dedicated to the creation of unique productive environments that meet the needs of humans while restoring abundance, health, and diversity to the landscapes we occupy.  Permaculture can be defined as an ecological design system for the creation of regenerative human habitats.

We use Permaculture principles and practices to create landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also functional, conserving energy, water, and resources while producing abundant yields of food and natural resources for all.  Permaculture design also offers a wonderful approach to the creation of creative outdoor learning environments for all ages.


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    “In all dealings, Zev has been honest, intelligent, resourceful, good-natured, dependable, and professional. A true gift is his ability to read and respond to people and situations, especially complex ones, on many levels simultaneously to produce creative ideas and strategies, which comes across as a kind of wisdom beyond his years.”
    Don Silver, Meadow Fork, NC